Permit Cancellation Forces Melbourne Club ATET to Permanently Close

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Permit Cancellation Forces Melbourne Club ATET to Permanently Close

The closure of Melbourne’s open-air club ATET has sparked controversy, with music director Walter Juan describing the situation as “bordering on the corrupt.”

The unfortunate news was announced through an online petition titled “SAVE ATET,” which was launched on Sunday, June 25th. The petition expressed concerns about the beloved open-air event space in Docklands, stating that the City of Melbourne had decided to terminate their Crown Land Licence, resulting in ATET’s closure a mere eight months after its launch.

The licence termination followed an investigation by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) prompted by noise complaints from local residents. ATET acknowledges the raised concerns but claims that a small minority has made consistent efforts to undermine their business from the beginning. The club has faced numerous complaints, including some made when they weren’t even open and when the noise originated from another source. This situation has made it challenging to distinguish legitimate complaints from false accusations.

ATET asserts that they have taken all necessary measures to comply with the EPA’s regulations, such as installing a noise limiter and hiring a qualified acoustic engineer for noise testing. Therefore, the decision to cancel their permit came as a “complete shock,” especially since the club had submitted a detailed response to the council’s ongoing noise issues just 24 hours earlier, addressing every concern raised.

Walter Juan, the music director of ATET, expressed deep concern about the situation, emphasizing that it could have broader implications for the Melbourne club scene. He described the club’s experience with excessive council scrutiny as “very disconcerting” and suggested that it bordered on corruption, according to the club’s legal team and lobbyists.

Furthermore, ATET had believed that its current location in Docklands was temporary and that it would be moving to a less residential area later this year. However, in April, the Melbourne City Council reneged on this promise, leaving the club feeling misled.

ATET, which opened in October, had quickly gained popularity as a 600-capacity club and events space. It had welcomed renowned artists such as Margaret Dygas, Roman Fl├╝gel, Harvey Sutherland, and Jennifer Loveless. The closure of ATET has left a void in Melbourne’s nightlife scene and raised concerns about the challenges faced by music venues in the city.


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