Pioneer DJ Unveils Innovative PLX-CRSS12: A Groundbreaking Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable

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Pioneer DJ Unveils Innovative PLX-CRSS12: A Groundbreaking Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable

Pioneer DJ has set a new benchmark with its latest creation, the PLX-CRSS12, a revolutionary digital-analog hybrid turntable. This cutting-edge device offers an unprecedented combination of DVS (Digital Vinyl System) control for digital music through DJ software and the traditional playback of vinyl records.

An evolution of the renowned PLX-1000 turntable released in 2014, the PLX-CRSS12 introduces both analog and digital vinyl modes. A standout feature is the alternate tonearm-free system, which incorporates the ingenious Magvel Clamp. This puck-like accessory securely attaches to the spindle on the slipmat, enabling easy tightening or loosening of rotation. Turntablists can now scratch their cherished vinyl records with enthusiasm, without the fear of damaging the precious pressings.

In DVS mode, the Magvel Clamp empowers users to control digital files while still experiencing the authentic feel of handling a vinyl record. The PLX-CRSS12 also boasts a convenient three-way brake switch at the front, allowing users to select between instant stop, short stop, or medium stop when pressing the stop/start button.

PLX-CRSS12: Professional Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable - Overview -  YouTube

Furthermore, this hybrid turntable incorporates performance buttons like Hot Cue and Sampler. By connecting the PLX-CRSS12 to a computer with downloaded DJ software and a compatible mixer that supports the DVS function, DJs can seamlessly transition to digital vinyl mode and make use of the performance pads.

In analog mode, the PLX-CRSS12 impresses with its direct-drive turntable and gold-plated RA terminals, ensuring an enhanced sound quality compared to its predecessor.

With the PLX-CRSS12, Pioneer DJ once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation, offering DJs the best of both worlds: the timeless charm of vinyl and the cutting-edge capabilities of digital music control.


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