Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 Enhances Music Access with Beatport Integration

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Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 Enhances Music Access with Beatport Integration

Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 has received an exciting update that allows users to tap into Beatport’s extensive music catalog directly from the multi-player.

This new feature, called StreamingDirectPlay, grants DJs access to over 11 million tracks, similar to the existing CloudDirectPlay feature that utilizes rekordbox.

With the latest firmware 3.0 update, DJs can now browse, play, and mix music without relying on a laptop or USB. All they need is a reliable Wi-Fi connection and a Beatport account.

To utilize this feature, users must have either a Professional or Advanced plan on their Beatport accounts. Once enabled, DJs can enjoy a familiar interface with song waveforms and access to essential features like loop, cue, and Beat Sync.

Moreover, users can seamlessly mix Beatport Streaming tracks with those from rekordbox CloudDirectPlay, enabling a cohesive and versatile DJ set.

Beatport’s Beatportal editorial platform described the CDJ-3000 integration as “a giant step forward in providing DJs with the ultimate flexibility over the way they source and play music in their sets.”

However, some commentators on social media pointed out that the CDJ-3000’s requirement for a wired internet connection may limit the practicality of the feature in venues without such infrastructure.

While praising the Rekordbox professional cloud feature, Twitter user and DJ @iamfogo remarked, “as long as everywhere you play has CDJ-3000’s that are connected to the internet. Otherwise, it’s a waste of $30 a month.”

Originally released in 2020, the CDJ-3000 boasts a standout feature—a nine-inch touchscreen that provides easy access to shortcuts and buttons for functions like search and playlists. Now, with the Beatport integration, DJs can expand their music library and creative possibilities even further.


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