Pirates’ Party Extravaganza in Belgium

todayAugust 19, 2023 135

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Pirates’ Party Extravaganza in Belgium

Avast, me hearties! The Buccaneers Return, Ready to Rock Once More! Hoist the sails and prepare to embark on yet another remarkable escapade into the domain of Feestgedruis. We extend a hearty invitation for you to partake in a day and night filled with swashbuckling rhythms, electrifying melodies, and a treasure trove of indelible moments.

Mark the date, August 19th, when the shores of Bar Bricolage shall metamorphose into a haven for pirates, where landlubbers and sea wolves alike shall converge to dance upon resonant basslines that ripple through the tides. The beats shall pulse like a heart of the ocean, allowing you to feel the salty zephyr upon your visage, as you are guided on an auditory escapade that shall linger in memory.

Acting as your hosts are:

-Feestgedruis: The Pirate soiree concept, laced with a dash of wildness! These revelries are adorned with splendid pirate-themed decor, fostering an exuberant atmosphere driven by a devoted throng who live and breathe music and revelry. The spirit of partying is their creed! Feestgedruis, a burgeoning party phenomenon, has embraced piracy as its ethos, consistently infusing beats and positive vibes into Belgium’s party scene. The name translates to ‘the noise of a good party’, and this crew surely knows how to raise the roof. Embrace your inner pirate, cast aside daily woes, and revel, as their motto declares, ‘piracy is not a crime’. Feestgedruis aims to captivate and astonish the audience with unconventional party venues, immersive soundscapes, and awe-inspiring decorations.

-Wezienwel: From kin to comradeship, an assembly of strong personalities in sync, where spontaneity reigns supreme. A creative collective of independent artists crafting both experiences and art. Their narrative spans labels to events, shunning genre restrictions in favor of unbridled passion.

-Chinastraat: BAR/CLUB/MAKERSPACE/MEER, a brief escape from the world.

So, prepare to set course on this musical odyssey!

The Pirates are calling, and a new adventure awaits.

Let’s unite as a crew, celebrating the untamed spirit of the high seas in a symphony of sound and camaraderie.

Info & Tickets: here


Written by: AIT

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