Splice CEO Explores Music Creation Trends and the Role of Artificial Intelligence

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Splice CEO Explores Music Creation Trends and the Role of Artificial Intelligence

For years, Splice has been a game-changer in music creation, providing artists with access to a vast library of samples and vocal toplines to inspire and enhance their projects. Recently, the company’s CEO, Kakul Srivastava, discussed the evolving trends in music production, the use of samples, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the industry.

In an interview with Joe Sparrow on the Music Ally podcast, Srivastava shared her insights on current music production trends and where she sees the industry heading. She highlighted the widespread adoption of sampling, stating that it has become a mainstream practice across all genres, extending beyond its early roots in hip-hop. Even artists like Taylor Swift, in genres traditionally not associated with sampling, are embracing this creative tool. Srivastava believes that sampling enhances music creation, making it more enjoyable and accessible for artists.

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The conversation then shifted towards the growing role of AI in music production and the potential benefits of platforms like Splice’s new CoSo application in the writing process. Srivastava expressed enthusiasm for leveraging AI technology to foster creativity. However, she also emphasized the importance of authenticity and provenance. Questions of where sounds originate, who created them, and whether proper credit and compensation are given to artists are critical considerations. Srivastava cautioned against neglecting these aspects in the rush to embrace the AI future.

Splice’s focus on these evolving trends demonstrates their commitment to being part of the solution as artists and creators navigate the changing landscape of technology and music production.


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