Splice Introduces Innovative AI-powered Stack Feature

todayJune 8, 2023 25

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Splice Introduces Innovative AI-powered Stack Feature

Splice, a popular platform known for its extensive collection of samples and sounds, has unveiled a new tool to enhance its offerings and ignite creativity among producers worldwide. This innovative tool, called the Stack feature, enables users to layer sounds and create captivating musical combinations.

Users familiar with the CoSo app may already be acquainted with the Stack feature, as it has been available on the platform for several months. Now, the Splice team aims to bring this functionality to their website and is currently offering it in beta format. With the introduction of the new Create button, users can harness the vast library of sounds on Splice to generate musical ideas using up to eight layers, which can be saved for future reference. Leveraging AI-powered technology, Splice assists in the creation of unique combinations and ideas that have never been heard before, thereby fueling the creative process and streamlining the production of stacks.

To provide limitless inspiration, there are no restrictions on the number of stacks that can be created and saved in a personal library. However, only subscribers with a Splice account will have the privilege of downloading these ideas into their preferred Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

While this new feature proves to be a fantastic tool for sound exploration and fresh inspiration, the Splice team emphasizes that the AI-powered software is intended to augment the creative process rather than replace the human element and natural artistic journey taken by musicians. It’s important to note that the current Create feature is still in its beta phase, and Splice encourages users and producers to explore this new offering and provide feedback, enabling them to refine and improve the product in the coming months and years.

Take the latest feature from Splice for a spin and witness the exciting combinations of sounds that await you!


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