Timehri Develops AI Vinyl Digging Tool for Discogs

todayAugust 16, 2023 14

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Timehri Develops AI Vinyl Digging Tool for Discogs

UK label and collective Timehri has developed an AI vinyl digging tool for Discogs called the Timehri Dig Assistant. This machine learning model is designed to help users explore Discogs’ extensive vinyl listings, focusing on electronic genres like house, techno, electro, grime, and more. As of now, it can only search through listings uploaded before January 2022.

The Timehri Dig Assistant operates through algorithmic recommendations. Users input a Discogs URL, and the tool provides suggestions for further exploration. It aims to assist vinyl enthusiasts in discovering hidden gems and expanding their collections.

Recently, there has been increased interest in vinyl records, with some rare and limited editions fetching high prices on platforms like Discogs. The Timehri Dig Assistant offers a tech-savvy way for collectors to navigate the vast world of vinyl and make new discoveries.

In addition to the vinyl market, AI technology has found applications in various creative fields, such as generating music from brain scans and creating dance videos from single photographs.

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