Tokimonsta Expresses Frustration with Instagram Algorithm

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Tokimonsta Expresses Frustration with Instagram Algorithm

Tokimonsta, a Grammy-nominated DJ, recently shared her frustrations with the Instagram algorithm, shedding light on the challenges musicians face on social media platforms.

In a post on Instagram, Tokimonsta delved into how the Instagram algorithm hinders her posts from reaching her followers and the resulting anxiety it causes. Her candid discussion resonated with many, sparking an outpouring of support.

In a subsequent post, she acknowledged that her struggle is just one facet of a broader issue involving the stress induced by social media. She noted that creators, encompassing artists, professionals, and individuals with meaningful content to share, often grapple with the pressures of social media.

Questions like, “Am I posting too much or too little?” and “Should I use trendy audio?” haunt creators. Tokimonsta highlighted how musicians sometimes feel compelled to gain visibility on a platform originally designed for photography. This misplaced emphasis on Instagram visibility can lead to a skewed perception of success.

She emphasized the stark contrast between success on social media and genuine success in an artist’s life. The number of Instagram likes doesn’t necessarily correlate with streaming platform listens. This discrepancy between virtual and real-world success can trigger self-doubt and existential questions such as, “Is something wrong with me?” or “Is my content not engaging enough?”

Tokimonsta concluded by expressing her primary desire as a musician: to have her music heard. However, she emphasized the need to strike a balance and not feel obligated to share everything solely for the sake of engagement.

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