Tomorrowland’s New Elixir Stage Offers Clues to 2024’s Theme

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Tomorrowland’s New Elixir Stage Offers Clues to 2024’s Theme

With Tomorrowland Belgium 2023 now in the rearview mirror, anticipation is already building for the editions leading up to the summer of 2024. As is tradition, speculations and hints about next year’s theme are already circulating. Interestingly, a significant clue about the 2024 mainstage theme has emerged from none other than Tomorrowland’s spokeswoman.

In a recent interview with French radio station Fun Radio, Debby Wilmsen unveiled that the newly introduced Elixir stage of this year carries hints for the 2024 mainstage theme.

It’s noteworthy that the 2016 mainstage was also named Elixir, so there might be some shared elements. Drawing a parallel, the 2023 Adscendo mainstage revisited the castle theme explored in 2015’s Melodia stage. This implies that the 2024 mainstage could reinterpret the tree-themed stage of 2016.

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Furthermore, 2024 marks Tomorrowland’s 20th anniversary, although it’s not the 20th edition due to the COVID-related cancellations of the 2020 and 2021 editions. This anniversary sets the stage for something truly remarkable. For instance, the festival’s 15th anniversary was celebrated with a special 2012 throwback theme and exclusive events. While 2024 will technically be the festival’s 18th edition, the anticipation is high for a theme that matches the occasion.

As discussions around the Elixir stage’s aesthetics continue and speculation about the 2024 mainstage theme brews, fans are left eagerly awaiting the unveiling of what Tomorrowland has in store for its next chapter.


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