WAVS | The Game-Changing Sample Subscription Service Empowering Music Creators

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WAVS | The Game-Changing Sample Subscription Service Empowering Music Creators

In the ever-evolving realm of music production, having access to high-quality samples, presets, MIDI files, and stems is paramount for crafting original tracks. However, scouring the vast expanse of online audio resources can be an overwhelming and time-consuming endeavor.

Enter WAVS. This innovative subscription-based platform is a game-changer for music producers, offering instant access to an array of tools designed to ignite creativity.

Founded by a seasoned team of music producers responsible for hits from artists like Rihanna, Dua Lipa, and DJ Snake, WAVS deeply understands the needs of today’s artists. What sets it apart from other sample websites is its unique creator-first approach.

What Distinguishes WAVS?

WAVS stands out due to its dual functionality, allowing users to both buy and sell audio resources. This approach not only enriches the platform’s diversity but also ensures that creators receive proper credit for their work and earn royalties for their contributions. The platform aims to foster a community of creatives who can buy and sell resources among fellow music producers. WAVS boasts an intuitive dashboard that simplifies the process of uploading samples, monitoring real-time statistics, and tracking daily earnings. This emphasis on transparency and control makes WAVS a creator-centric platform.

While samples abound across the internet, the challenge lies in swiftly finding the perfect sample for your track. This is where WAVS excels with its meticulous categorization and curation of samples.

Getting Started with WAVS

The WAVS website is primarily divided into two sections: “Discover” and “Sounds.”

Discover Section:
The “Discover” section introduces users to some of the best and newest samples on the platform. In the featured banner, various handpicked collections are showcased, each with a brief description providing insights into the sample category before users even listen to the sounds.

For instance, the “The Last of Us” collection offers ten original samples created with the same instrument used for the theme of “The Last Of Us” TV series. This collection uses the “ronroco,” a South American string instrument from the charango family, to craft an ethereal and evocative tone in line with the series.

As users scroll down, they encounter new sample packs, top new samples, genre-based categories, trending packs from the last three weeks, presets, selections, creator spotlights, and more.

Sounds Section:
Here, users can explore various sound categorizations. Under “Explore,” options include samples, packs, presets, MIDI, and one-shots. Genre-based categories offer samples tailored to specific music genres like Hip-Hop, Trap, Soul, R&B, and more. Further categorizations are based on instruments, encompassing compositions, guitars, vocals, drums, and others.

WAVS offers three subscription tiers to cater to diverse requirements and preferences: Starter, Pro, and Premium.

– The annual Starter tier, priced at just $5.40 per month, provides 25 monthly download credits.
– Stepping up, the Pro tier, priced at $9 per month with an annual subscription, doubles the credits to an impressive 50 per month.
– For those seeking the ultimate experience, the annual Premium tier, priced at $16.50 per month, offers a substantial 100 monthly download credits.

WAVS extends a generous 7-day trial period to newcomers, during which users receive an initial 5 free credits, allowing them to explore the platform’s offerings and experience its capabilities firsthand.

In conclusion, WAVS is more than just a subscription service; it’s a community, an empowering platform, and a haven for music creators. By offering a range of subscription tiers, a generous trial period, and a revolutionary approach to content sharing, WAVS is swiftly establishing itself as a trailblazer in music resources. WAVS not only recognizes creators’ contributions but also nurtures their growth. Rooted deeply in the music industry, WAVS comprehends the intricacies of artistic expression, and its community-driven approach reflects a commitment to enhancing the experiences of music producers and musicians alike.


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