Worldwide FM Introduces Studio Monkey Shoulder: A Boost for Grassroots Music

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Worldwide FM Introduces Studio Monkey Shoulder: A Boost for Grassroots Music

Worldwide FM, together with the whisky brand Monkey Shoulder, announces a groundbreaking initiative. This collaboration is set to boost grassroots music communities around the globe. Introducing Studio Monkey Shoulder, a generous fund that offers £10,000 to support music projects deeply rooted in community values. The beneficiaries of this fund span across various regions. Specifically, the UK, Nigeria, India, Miami, and Taiwan. Additionally, the initiative will bring to life a documentary series. It aims to showcase the unique stories and successes of the chosen projects in each of these areas.

Monkey Shoulder

Worldwide FM: Fostering Emerging Musical Voices

Recently, Worldwide FM took to Instagram with a message that sparked enthusiasm among its followers. The station pledged its commitment to “emerging voices, spaces, and grassroots music communities.” Their mission is clear: to push the boundaries of culture forward. They seek to provide these emerging talents with a platform to reach wider audiences. In a strategic shift, Worldwide FM paused its new broadcasts in October 2022. Now, it focuses on using its established platform to shine a spotlight on the next wave of musical talent.


Worldwide FM: Investing in the Future of Music

Studio Monkey Shoulder represents more than just financial support. It symbolizes a deeper commitment from Worldwide FM and Monkey Shoulder whisky to the future of music. By channeling resources and attention towards grassroots initiatives, they’re playing a crucial role in cultivating the music scenes of tomorrow. This commitment demonstrates a belief in the power of music to unite communities and foster cultural growth.

Highlighting Talent and Cultural Innovation

The initiative is not just about financial aid; it’s about creating opportunities for storytelling and cultural exchange. The upcoming documentary series will delve into the heart of each community-focused music project. It will explore the passion, creativity, and innovation that drive these initiatives. This visual narrative will serve as a testament to the vibrant and transformative power of grassroots music.


Conclusion: A Harmonious Future for Grassroots Music

Studio Monkey Shoulder is setting the stage for a vibrant future for grassroots music communities. By offering financial support and a platform for visibility, Worldwide FM and Monkey Shoulder are nurturing the seeds of tomorrow’s music landscape. This initiative is a call to action for artists and community projects dreaming of making a significant impact. Through collaboration, support, and shared vision, Studio Monkey Shoulder is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the world of grassroots music.


Check out their Instagram profile and learn more about the launch of Studio Monkey Shoulder.

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