YouTube Gear Reviewer Loopop Accuses Behringer of False Claims Amidst Free Gear Controversy

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YouTube Gear Reviewer Loopop Accuses Behringer of False Claims Amidst Free Gear Controversy

A recent online dispute has thrust musical equipment manufacturer Behringer and prominent YouTube gear reviewer Loopop into the spotlight, exposing tensions over claims of free product evaluation.

The controversy emerged after Behringer alleged that Loopop refrains from reviewing their products due to the company’s refusal to provide free units for assessment. This assertion was made through a Facebook comment from Behringer’s official account concerning their Toro synthesizer: “I’m sure Starsky [Carr] will be reviewing it as, while Loopop is not reviewing products as we don’t send out free units.”

Loopop, whose real name is Ziv Eliraz, categorically refuted this allegation, asserting that he has never solicited Behringer for complimentary equipment for review purposes. In response, Loopop shared Behringer’s comment on his social media platforms, demanding that the company “stop spreading lies.”

YouTube Reviewer Loopop Accuses Behringer of Spreading Lies After Free Gear  Claims | Flipboard

The clash has captured the attention of the online music tech community, with many expressing support for Loopop and criticizing Behringer’s conduct:

“Behringer lying doesn’t surprise me at all.”

“Behringer passive aggressively pretending they’re not hurt.”

“Our reason for not reviewing their gear has nothing to do with how good or bad it is, it is because of those exact reasons.”

This dispute underscores the ongoing controversies surrounding Behringer’s review practices and online behavior. Despite these contentions, Behringer maintains a dominant presence in the affordable analog gear market. While their candid tactics may ruffle feathers, they remain steadfast in their mission to make iconic instruments accessible to a wide audience.

In the midst of this, Loopop continues to be a respected figure in music tech reviews. Renowned for his thorough examinations and impartial judgments, Loopop’s response demonstrates his commitment to his principles, even when facing pressure from major industry players. As the feud evolves, it offers a revealing glimpse into the complex dynamics between reviewers and brands.


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